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Specialist Books

Q-DAS has already published the following specialist books on statistical topics.

Do you have any questions about it? Use the contact form to contact us.

08/2010 (print-on-demand)

This book has established itself as a standard reference for everyone dealing with statistical problems in industrial production. The focus is put on the application of the procedures required for machine acceptance and process qualification as well as interpretation of the calculated results. Great value is also set on the visualization of results in many different variations. This helps the practitioner to quickly gain insight into the situations he has to evaluate.Especially the included company guidelines are proof of the practical application and the benefit of the discussed topics in daily practice.

The sixth, completely revised edition takes the latest developments in international and national standards (i.e. DIN ISO 21747) into account.

The company guidelines of

  • Daimler AG
  • General Motors Powertrain
  • Robert Bosch GmbHVolkswagen AG
  • as well as the Ford Test Examples for the Evaluation of SPC Systems

are included.

The case examples included in the book as well as most of the charts and tables can be recreated using the qs-STAT demo version. The data necessary for handling the case examples are included in the demo version.

Edgar Dietrich/ Alfred Schulze

  • 748 Pages
  • 500 colored images
  • ISBN-10: 3-446-42249-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-3-446-42249-0
  • 129,90– €

Gage Acceptance and Measurement Uncertainty According to Current Standards


In production, measurement process capability studies are required. This requirement is obligatory according to several international standards, guidelines and company guidelines of the automotive industry. Due to this requirement, the risk of product liability is to become appreciable and controllable. 

While the automotive industry implemented gage capability studies during the last years, today, the determination of the extended measurement uncertainty serves as an alternative to capability studies or to the applicability of measurement processes.

This book gives a comprehensive overview and assists you in dealing with these requirements in industrial production. Several guidelines contained in this book (Bosch, DaimlerChrysler, General Motors Powertrain) apply the procedures described here. The acquired experience confirms the great benefit of these procedures in practice.

The following standards are considered

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949
  • QS-9000, MSA Third Edition
  • VDA 6.1, VDA 5 "Measurement Process Capability"
  • DGQ 13-61 "Gage Management"
  • GUM / DIN EN V 13005
  • DIN EN ISO 14253
  • DIN EN ISO 10012:2003
  • VDI/VDE/DGQ 2618 


Authors: Edgar Dietrich, Alfred Schulze, Stefan Weber

  • 444 pages, hard cover
  • ISBN: 978-3-446-42407-4
  • 69,00 €



  • ISBN: 978-3-446-42955-0
  • 54,99 €


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