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Q-DAS eMMA | Online Monitoring Solution

The Q-DAS eMMA Online Monitoring Solution is the most comprehensive in the eMMA portfolio. In addition to integrating all the functionalities for data management, 3D interactive analysis of measurement results, and classical PDF reporting, this solution has a web-based module that enables real-time monitoring of the production. At a glance, users can identify specific areas in the produced parts or critical phases in the production in real time and take appropriate corrective measures.

All data stored for selected parts or projects become available to the web-monitoring system after the configuration of a web-report. From that point, every time that a new measurement is sent to the database, all charts available in the web-monitoring system are automatically updated showing always the most recent quality information. Various charts types present a quick and accurate evaluation of deviations and trends at every phase of the production lifecycle. In case of a detected out-of-tolerance deviation, the system sends customizable warning messages via e-mail or SMS to authorized users.

The Q-DAS eMMA Online Monitoring Solution also can serve as a tool to integrate quality data from multiple production sites. Within the same web-monitoring system it is possible to visualize information from different locations simplifying internal collaboration processes and quality control across locations.

The following products are included in the solution:

The following services are included in the solution:

Training package

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System integration

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