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Q-DAS | Fully Integrated Solution

With Q-DAS Fully Integrated Solution, users always have their finger on the pulse of quality because they always know about any kind of deviation. Any information that helps to prevent bad parts and rejects is automatically forwarded to the relevant recipient group as required. In this way, those responsible always have the necessary information to intervene and make corrections in a small or large quality control loop.

Q-DAS Fully Integrated Solution complements an existing Q-DAS solution or enables immediate access to the world of Q-DAS software. Q-DAS Fully Integrated Solution contains the Q-DAS qs-STAT, Q-DAS solara.MP, Q-DAS Q-DM, Q-DAS O-QIS and Q-DAS M-QIS software products.

The goal of this solution is to continuously and automatically monitor production processes and, in the event of deviations, to automatically generate and send reports. The resulting production data is evaluated and monitored cyclically. If defined requirements for the process are not met, Q-DAS M-QIS automatically generates a PDF report and sends it via email to the predefined recipient group.

Thanks to Q-DAS Fully Integrated Solution, reports always inform users promptly about anomalies in the manufacturing processes. With the aid of summarized key performance indicators, even large quantities of data are illustrated in a comprehensible and clear manner.

Q-DAS Fully Integrated Solution includes support in setting up an automatic reporting system.

The following products are included in the solution:

The following services are included in the solution:

Training package

Training conducted by experts


System integration

Installation made easy


Q-DM Data management

Automated data transfer of files



Learn more about the products and services included

Download Flyer (PDF 626 kB)