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Q-DAS eMMA | Assembly Planning & Analysis Solution

The Q-DAS eMMA Assembly Planning and Analysis Solution is specially configured to support several tasks of the planning departments. Once an initial design and inspection plan have been created for each part, this solution allows users have full control of the modifications and different versions of the inspection plans.

From simple tasks such as adjusting feature tolerances to more complex tasks as modeling full assembly sequences or defining detailed evaluations for functional dimensions, the Q-DAS eMMA Assembly Planning Solution counts with a specialized 3D interactive modules and interfaces for making these tasks as easy and intuitive as possible.

The full eMMA data management support included in this solution facilitates the management of all process data. Customized connection with PLM systems to exchange assembly sequence information and 3D geometries is also possible alongside this solution.  

The following products are included in the solution:

The following services are included in the solution:

Training package

Training conducted by experts


System integration

Installation made easy



Learn more about the products and services included

Download Flyer (PDF 746 kB)