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Q-DAS | Machine Tool Feedback Solution

The Machine Tool Feedback Solution enables the user to send automated tool correction values to the machine tool on the basis of measured values analysed with the integrated Q-DAS Statistics software. This correlation between tool data and measured values is an innovative basis for stable production processes.

The Machine Tool Feedback Solution combines tool information from the machine tool and the results from the product measurements. Communication with the controller of the machine tool facilitates the download of the tool lists (supported controllers: Fanuc, Siemens and Heidenhain) and the feedback to the machine tool for correction suggestions for the tools. The measurement data from the product measurement must also be integrated. All common measuring machines can be connected here (KMG`s, SPC systems, manual measuring stations, measurements on the machine tool, …).

In the product Q-DAS IMC, the correlation is established between the tool data and the characteristics from the product measurement. In this way, tools can be assigned to several characteristics and all relevant characteristics can be taken into account in the calculated tool correction. Tools are only corrected in the overall context of the selected characteristics. The integrated Q-DAS Statistics software calculates the correction values for the tools. The decision can be made whether the correction values are displayed only as information to the user, must be confirmed beforehand by the operator, or are sent directly to the machine tool without any interaction by the operator.

The software product Q-DAS IMC is a software application which facilitates clear communication between machine tools and the Q-DAS database. It forms the basis for usable data in your production process and enables detailed insight into your data and assessment of the history in order to continuously improve processes. By creating the added value of data preparation, presentation and evaluation, you are also promoting the digitisation of your business.

The Q-DAS | Machine Tool Feedback Solution can be operated as a stand-alone solution or can be docked at any time to an existing Q-DAS solution.

The following products are included in the solution:

The following services are included in the solution:

Training package

Training conducted by experts

System integration

Installation made easy


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