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Q-DAS | Process Control Solution

With Q-DAS Process Control Solution, users can increase quality, reduce costs and bring transparency to their processes. Quality in production can only be guaranteed through continuous monitoring. However, since 100% production-related inspections are costly and resource-intensive, this Q-DAS solution provides an alternative based on random sampling, SPC (statistical process control) and reliable statistics. Thanks to integrated standards and guidelines, SPC, in conjunction with process qualification, provides secure and reliable proof of process capability in production at any time. At the same time, it records each process change, making timely intervention possible if necessary.

The Q-DAS Process Control Solution contains the Q-DAS qs-STAT, Q-DAS solara.MP, Q-DAS Q-DM and Q-DAS O-QIS software products. It complements the Q-DAS Analysis Solution and provides a more comprehensive introduction to the Q-DAS software environment.

The goal of this solution is to simplify statistical process control (SPC). For this purpose, the Q-DAS software delivers reliable, recognised procedures and provides guidance. Thus, operator self-checks in the form of quality control are possible directly in production. At the same time, SPC creates transparent processes, since current process capability can be evidenced at any time.

Thanks to the Q-DAS Process Control Solution, users benefit from an automated data flow and numerous database functionalities in the analysis. Locally recorded data from production is centrally merged, evaluated and managed using integrated data management.

The Q-DAS Process Control Solution includes installation of the solution on site.

The following products are included in the solution:

The following services are included in the solution:

Training package

Training conducted by experts

System integration

Installation made easy

Q-DM Data management

Automated data transfer of files


Learn more about the products and services included

Download Flyer (PDF 1.00 MB)